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I put my open resources here. For resources explicitly for developers, view my GitHub profile.

Come to my AMA page if you have any questions or requests.

这里是我创造的开放项目资源。要获取仅供开发者使用的项目,请查看我的 GitHub 主页

如有任何问题或需求,请来我的 AMA 页面 提出。

Table of Contents | 目录

Industrial Design

Case Mod: Phanteks 217E

  • Front panel supporting USB-A, USB-C, audio at the same time
  • GPU side panel for better cooling

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Phanteks 217E Front Panel
Phanteks 217E GPU Side Panel Base
Phanteks 217E GPU Side Panel Top

Typesetting & Wording


Guidelines for Chinese typesetting and wording.

View on Dropbox Paper.



Homebridge plugin for Gree air conditioners.

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UofG Calendar Generator

Generate calendar subscription from University of Glasgow timetable emails.

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AHK Script: ahk-mackeys

Use macOS key bindings on Windows.

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Theme: midnight.vim

Xcode Midnight color scheme for VIM.



Plugin: PRChart

Draw bar charts and line charts automatically in Sketch.

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Template: Info Structure

Note: Sketch is not a tool made for designing info structures. I created it only to please my own aesthetics.

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Info Structure

Template: Flowchart

Note: Sketch is not a tool made for flowcharts. I created it only to please my own aesthetics.

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Note: Due to new regulations from Apple, these are no longer usable on later versions of Safari. I do not intend to update them unless someone can donate me an Apple Developer Program subscription.

Extension: Dropbox Paper Beautifier

Better typesetting for Dropbox Paper.

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Extension: Timetastic Holidays

Highlight weekends and holidays for Chinese users.

According to the law in China, employees are required to work at certain weekend days to make up for the holidays, which is called "调休". However, there is no such thing in most western countries, for which Timetastic does not support booking time off on weekend days even though it's a workday in China. So teams based in China have to set all weekend days as workdays to make it possible for employees to book time off. This extension highlights all Chinese holidays and dehighlights all work days automatically no matter how it's set in Timetastic, making it easier to differentiate them.

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Extension: github-fullname

Display full name on GitHub.

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